Sunset in the Bajos del Temor, Delta del Paraná, Biosphere Reserve. A wonderful and unexpected experience, appreciating nature in its purest form.

I am Gonzalo Escoda and I want to invite you to a unique river ride.
Come with me and enjoy a delightful experience. I am an excellent navigator and an expert of this area, although it is clear that "excellent" is an epithet that varies according to the claims of the reader. So I will give you a description of what happens from the moment you decide to spend a few hours at dusk at the beginning of the Rio de la Plata.

This is the typical trip I propose:
From Tigre harbour (100 metres from Tigre station), we depart to my house in the delta. The first part of the trip takes about 1 hour. We have dinner at my place or a picnic board and then, we sail to the “Bajos del Temor” where under a vast sky we see the sunset and the infinite horizon of the Rio de la Plata, surrounded by green islands. By early evening, when the eyes are accustomed to the darkness and the scenery is lush, start our trip back to the mainland.

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